Catherine M. McGee Middle School

Why project adventure?
Project Adventure began in a Massachusetts high school in 1971. The first programs created were for physical education and academic classes. Adventure in Project Adventure means trying something new, that you don't think you could do. It is the excitement of playing, of having fun or solving a problem with a group of people.

The goals of Project Adventure are to increase the participants sense of personal confidence and to increase cooperation, respect, and support within a group. An important concept Project Adventure uses is called Challenge by Choice. This statement means that all participants choose their own level of challenge. Students are challenged to go beyond their personal comfort zones, try new activities, discover new ways of thinking, deal withy fear, and be willing to accept help and support form adults and peers. Through the meaning behind Challenge by Choice, groups become teams and strangers become friends. By being given the choice to achieve, students will increase self-awareness, improve self-image, gain respect for others, and begin to acquire leadership skills.

Project Adventure programming utilizes the Challenge Ropes Course as a tool for personal and educational growth. The course is a blend of low and high activities, presented in a prescribed sequence, designed to take individuals and groups beyond their own expectations, or perceived willingness to try. Data spanning many years has shown that persons who go beyond these self-imposed boundaries become stronger in terms of self-confidence and self-awareness.

In 1998, McGee Middle School added a Project Adventure unit to their Physical Education curriculum. Initially, a grant of $9000.00 was given to the school from a local foundation. This money was instrumental in purchasing five high elements, two low elements, and training of staff. In addition, a $3000.00 stat grant for the arts was obtained and with additional PTO funds, a rock climbing mural was painted in the gymnasium.

Since 1998, McGee's adventure-based program has grown into a 10 station indoor Challenge Ropes Course. McGee provides workshops for organizations, sport teams, sister schools, and teacher in-service days. In addition a Family Climb Night for our students and their parents/guardians.
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