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The purpose of McGee's Interscholastic Athlectic Program is to meet the educational demands of student participation in athletics. The athletic department seek to encourage attitudes of integrity, fairness, and respect for others and dedication to individual team goals. The program will provide opportunities to involve as many students, boys and girls, as possible to participate in the Fall, Winter, and Spring athletic seasons.

McGee's interscholastic Athletic Program will take every precaution to insure the safety and welfare of the student athletics. The coaches will strive toward sound intelligent leadership, and enforcement of good will and a positive attitude among team members of their own school and with team members from the other schools.

Sports Physical Forms
For any child trying out or participating on any interscholastic team, a current yellow sports physical form must be on file in the nurses office. These forms are available in the main office.

Team Coach Position Phone # Email Address
Athletic Liaison Linda Germain Middle School Athletic Liaison 860-828-0323 ext.152
Athletic Photography Kevin Cormack Photography Club 860-828-0323 ext 107
Boys' Soccer Mark Centurelli Co-Coach 860-828-0323 ext. 211
Ed Beaupre Co-Coach 860-828-0323 ext. 120
Girls' Soccer Kelly Patterson Head Coach 860-828-0323  
  Assistant Coach 860-828-0323  
Cross Country Sam Dix Head Coach 860-828-0323 ext. 112
Paul Griswold Assistant Coach 860-828-0323 ext. 203
Boys Basketball Nick Pepe Head Coach 860-828-0323 ext. 211
Tom Sheridan Assistant Coach 860-828-0323 v-mail 560
Girls' Basketball Joy Cooper Head Coach 860-828-0323 ext. 232
Tom Francolino Assistant Coach 860-828-0323 v-mail 251
Wrestling Bryan Plona Head Coach 860-828-0323 v-mail 559
Sam Dix Assistant Coach 860-828-0323 v-mail 221
Baseball Mark Centurelli Head Coach 860-828-0323 ext. 211
Bryan Plona Assistant Coach 860-828-0323 v-mail 559
Softball Ed Beaupre Head Coach 860-828-0323 ext. 120
Gabby Garncarz Assistant Coach 860-828-0323
Boys' Track Sam Dix Head Coach 860-828-0323 ext. 112
Paul Griswold Assistant Coach 860-828-0323 ext. 203
Girls' Track Jim Keefe Head Coach 860-828-0323  
Jan Zagorski Assistant Coach 860-828-0323

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