McGee Wrestling Tournament
Saturday, February, 2016
(8:30 AM Start)

Coaches Please Follow All Four Steps For the Weigh-in Process

Step #1

Coaches must email team rosters by Friday, February 5, 2016.
(Please use the provided excel spreadsheet.)

Step #2
All wrestlers must be weighed in by the coach by 5 pm Friday night. (January 17th) Coaches will be on the honor system. Please make sure your scale is calibrated correctly. We must have exact weights, so each wrestler must strip down to underwear or boxers.

Step #3
Coaches will then email rosters with exact weights, and all scoring information to Bryan Plona at bplona@berlinschools.org between 7 am - 5:00 pm. (Friday, January 17th)

Step #4
Coaches must also call between 4:30 pm.and 5:30 pm. Friday, January 17th
, to confirm their rosters and make any needed changes. (860) 828-0323 then dial zero.

(No entries will be taken after 5:30 pm.)

Invited Teams:
Clark Lane
East Hartford
East Haven
Haddam - Killingworth
Hamden Hall
Manchester, CT
Martin, RI
Mount Anthony, VT
Rocky Hill

Bold teams have sent rosters

Tournament Director: Bryan Plona

Work Phone: (860) 828-0323 voicemail #559
Cell Phone: (203) 695-3483
Fax number: (860) 828-0676
Email Address: bplona@berlinschools.org

Weigh in phone number:
(860) 828-0323 between 4:30 - 5:30pm.

Order of Events:
8:00-8:20 Coaches Meeting
8:30 Wrestling Begins

Tournament Philosophy
The McGee Wrestling Tournament is designed to offer a competitive tournament for middle school students. The tournament will host some of the best wrestlers in New England.

Competition Fee:
The fee per competitor will be $15.00. Any team with more than 20 wrestlers may enter for a team price of $250.00. Please make any checks payable to Catherine M. McGee Middle School.
Note: All wrestlers must be paid for before they are able to participate in the tournament.

Participants must currently be enrolled in middle school, grades 6-8, or attend a middle school as a fifth grader.

Number of participants:
Each school may enter as many wrestlers as it wishes. Because weight classes will be determined on exact weight, one or more wrestler of the same weight may enter.

Each coach should make a list of wrestlers entered in the tournament. Place an asterisk next to 15 wrestlers who will be allowed to earn team points in the sixth grade division, and an asterisk next to the 15 wrestlers you wish to earn points for the seventh and eighth grade division. Place another asterisk next to the 3 wrestlers you wish to seed in the sixth grade division, and 3 wrestlers you wish to seed in the seventh and eighth grade division. For the good of the tournament please seed your 3 best wrestlers.

Weight Classes & Brackets:
All wrestlers will be weighed the night before the tournament and arranged by order of weight from lightest to heaviest. Wrestlers will then be separated in groups of eight according to their division and these will be the various classes. This year we expect around 400 wrestlers and approximately 40 weight classes. Seeded wrestlers will be placed away from each other by draw. For instance if two wrestlers are seeded in a weight class, by chance one will be selected 1st seed, and the other 2nd seed. All non-seeded wrestlers will then be placed by chance in the remaining six spots. Every effort will be made so wrestlers will not have to wrestle their own teammates.

Order of Wrestling:
Round 1 Quarter final matches- 6 mats - (1.5-1.5-1.5)
Round 2 First round consolation matches - 6 mats - (1-1-1)
Round 3 Semifinal matches- 6 mats - (1.5-1.5-1.5)
Round 4 Second round consolation matches- 6 mats - (1-1-1)
Round 5 Consolation finals- 3 mats - (1-1-1)
Round 6 Championship finals - 3 mats - (1.5-1.5-1.5)

Elimination Procedure:
If a wrestler loses their first match they will be placed in the consolation bracket for their weight class.
If a wrestler should win the first match and then lose their second match, they will then be placed in the consolation bracket.
The two wrestlers who win their first two matches will wrestle for the championship of their class. We plan to wrestle the finals on two mats in an effort to save time.
By the normal process of elimination, the consolation winner or third place finishers will be decided. This will mean as many as four matches during the day for some wrestlers. We will note the time each match ends in order to insure at least 45 minutes between matches.
All matches in the championship bracket will be (1.5-1.5-1.5) . In the consolation bracket the matches will be (1-1-1).
In the event of an overtime situation, we will start both wrestlers in the neutral position and the first wrestler to score a point will be declared the winner.
We will follow National Federation rules.

Team Scoring:
Each team may have 15 wrestlers earning team points in the sixth grade division, and 15 wrestlers earning points in the seventh/eighth grade division. The point format is simple; 4 points for first place, 3 for second, 2 for third, and 1 for fourth. (The most points a team could earn would be 60.) In case of a tie, the team with the most wrestlers earning points would win.
Awards: Medals will be awarded to the top four wrestlers in each weight class. Also the top four teams in each division will receive trophies. Coaches will also vote wrestlers to the sportsmanship team, and those wrestlers will also receive medals.

Other Details:
The concession stand will be selling bagels, donuts, fruit, pizza, hot dogs, sandwiches, juice, soda, coffee, and hot cocoa. T-Shirts will also be available. No one will be allowed to enter the gymnasium with food or drink. Showers will be available and we can lock up any valuables you may have.
We would greatly appreciate your help in encouraging you wrestlers and spectators to respect our facility in terms of neatness and the personal property of our wrestlers as well as your own.